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24.Dezember 2013


Das Weihnachtsmenü 2014

1. Sopa de caracol (Honduras)

2. Hot Stone Shrimp Ceviche with sweet potato (Peru)

3. Borani Esfanaaj (Iran)

4. Moyo (Togo)

5. Chargrilled Skirt Steak Fajitas w/ Avocado Corn Salsa and Habanero Mustard (Neuseeland)

6. Larmes de chocolat, mousse ivoirine et griottines (Frankreich)

The Hondurans share the same faith and deep meaning of Christmas with their Spanish ancestors. They celebrate Christmas with prayers on the evening of the 24th, and they eat the well-prepared Christmas meal at the stroke of midnight, after greeting each other '¡Feliz Navidad!'

Some Honduran Christmas Traditions

In Honduras, Christmas is a family celebration. Villagers often also invite their friends and neighbors to join in the fiesta.

Honduras celebrates Christmas in as many ways as there are towns. People everywhere prepare for several weeks before Christmas Day. They prepare parties for their families, friends and have several traditional foods like pork, tamales, beer and aguardiente. They usually have a dinner with the family. People may attend Mass or Church on Christmas Eve. Then, they drop by the homes of their friends and neighbors to drink, eat and dance. They usually end up stuffed as we do here, delicious food and drink. Then, at 12 o’clock they all hug and say "Feliz Navidad" (Merry Christmas) to all! At the same time, firecrackers & cherry bombs are exploding everywhere. And, from what I understand, the fireworks goes on ALL night!

I'm told common gifts for children is new clothes. Maybe like here, my son gets excited in August, knowing he's getting new clothes for school.

The traditions of nativity scenes and decorating pine trees to celebrate the birth of Christ, is apparent all through out Honduras, much like here. I understand that Nativity Scenes, large & small are among the most popular decorations & like much of North America, Christmas lights are a large part of the celebration. Private homes, government buildings, municipal parks, and merchants all get into the spirit and surround themselves with lights. Santa makes the rounds at a variety of public gatherings handing out candies to children of all ages.

Hondurans are all about food! I'm told Tamales are a popular Christmas treat, filled usually with a small chicken piece (including the skin and bones) or sometimes pork and some combination of rice, potatoes, peas, raisins, etc. I prefer when my man uses ground beef or steak. Tamales are traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve evening. My husband usually makes them for Christmas Day here. "Pero claro. No es Navidad sin tamales." (But, of course. It's not Christmas without tamales!)

In some parts of Honduras (as well as Mexico & El Salvador), the Christmas season begins December 16. This is the first of nine nights of a celebration called Les Pasadas. Pasada is the Spanish word for lodging. The Christmas time pasadas are colorful processions or parades that re-enact Joseph and Mary's search for an inn.

Please share what Honduran Christmas traditions you have!Honduras Christmas 2

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